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Probably over 90% of guys at a bar won't even consider approaching a girl unless they're drunk/buzzed.

In other words yes women might be able to get laid easily but it's mostly by guys who have no idea what women want, don't know what they want themselves, or are too afraid to go for it. All of these things are unattractive to women.

So there they are living a life surrounded by 90%+ chodes ready and willing to do pretty much anything for validation or the possibility of sex and this is exactly what they don't want.

And then there are guys like us who are actively working on getting better. Regardless of your level of understanding and ability to seduce a woman you are extremely rare and valuable.

It may just be that women at this point can't see it but the fact you keep moving forward anyways is what makes you rare. And thus it makes you the selector. 

It says something very unique about you: that you're a winner.

They may not see it yet. But this is the mark of winner: you move forward even when others disagree with you or don't believe in you. You move forward in the face of rejection, you are not dependant on their approval to move forward. And isn't this what women test for when they shit test you? They're testing for and creating the winners.

Just the fact you approach makes you 1 out of the 10 guys at the bar. It makes you uncommon. And as you continue improving you will become even more and more rare.

Remember, you are the selector simply because you have the balls to do what most will not.

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Definitely true. However, I

Definitely true. However, I don't believe the whole 10% of guys are banging 90% of women statistic. I'm 18 and I am certain that more than 10% of guys in my generation are out actively persuing girls. A lot more people are becoming concious of their behavior these days. I really do think the world is awakening.

Your still totally correct though. The funny thing is we aren't evolving, we are moving backwards to our natural state of being.

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I'll take having 10 girls who

I'll take having 10 girls who i like in my phone over having 500 annoying girls who i don't like hit me up.