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Women continually victimize themselves, claim oppression, and then say "Hey, men of the world, fix my problems... cuz it's your fault and stuff"

.... And it's totally socially acceptable to do this as well. Am I the only one who thinks this is totally silly? They seem to alternate back and forth between this idea of being strong and independent, but as soon as something in their life goes wrong it's men's fault.

I know it doesn't matter since we can't really change it.... But it's still fuckin stupid.

/end semi-rant

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Yep it's not all of them, but

Yep it's not all of them, but a sufficient enough portion to be somewhat annoying. It's why I don't pay attention and continue on my own path. I have never been bothered or hindered by a "feminazi". Even when they were coming on the site and trying to troll, I barely considered them except to kinda look at them a bit and then get back to business lol 


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haha yeah, I'm not being

haha yeah, I'm not being derailed by them. I was just annoyed because I watched some vampire diaries spin off tv show about some vampire chick saying she was oppressed for a thousands years. And then I opened an article online immediately afterwards where some girl was basically like "yo fellas, I had a shitty night at the bar so YOU need to grow up"

and then I was just like "grrr..... fuckin bitches"

thats really what I get for wasting my time on stupd shit like that lol

Joined: 06/07/2012
and by a sheer stroke of luck

and by a sheer stroke of luck I stumble across this gem. hopefully this becomes a thing.