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When women say that Intelligence is sexy do they really just mean that authority is sexy? I think when they picture an intelligent man theyre not picturing him sitting in his bedroom late at night solving advanced math problems. Theyre picturing him leading people with his intelligence, influencing the room and being in control of all situations. 

If pure intelligence was sexy then alot more antisocial nerds would have great sex lives. Intelligence is only sexy when its used to create authority and influence.


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I allllmost had a bathroom

I allllmost had a bathroom pull years ago before I knew what bathroom pulls were. It was a 2 minute set and I just saw I could escalate like crazy. We met up again later that week and while having a beer on her couch I was just talking about music, I was heavy into it then. Sole reason I was at the club that night actually. She got more and more into me (swooning) and kept digging. Hot sex ensued. Later I see her fb and her sexuality is listed as sapiosexual. First time I heard that and Google told me it means attraction to intelligence. 

This his girl definitely was aroused by more inquisitive, philosophical minds but the foundation - the subcoms still have to be on point. 

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Intelligence is an

Intelligence is an interesting one. 

It's something you just exude- part of your presence, the way you speak and even just the different words that you use. I think a lot of guys here "intelligence is sexy" and they immediately think they have to start talking about politics, or philosophy or read a ton of books or something.

I think it's none of that - You can be talking about getting shit-faced, but you do it in a funny//clever way and that shows intelligence. Or the way you're able to always have a witty come-back... that takes intelligence.

So intelligence, as far as I see it, really just optimizes the "Show Don't Tell" principle.

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Intelligent guys who also

Intelligent guys who also know how to talk are funny, witty,  can talk their way through lots of shit, get what they want, solve conflicts without violence, etc.

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It seems that intelligence is

It seems that intelligence is usually only attractive when combined with high social IQ and displayed socialy. Id almost consider that to be the definition of charisma.

Naturally these types of people tend to have alot of authority in their peer groups and are highly respected individuals due to these traits.

So yah these types of guys tend to kill it with women

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Having said that I also know

Having said that I also know alot of guys who are like this but suck with girls because they havnt developed any "game"

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Yes it's inteligence

Yes it's inteligence translated into strong beliefs and opinions which are communicated strongly as well. Girls love that. Then Icewahine and a couple others nailed the other part.. inteligence is supposed to help you develop your leadership skills, e.g. creativity, ingenuity, problem-solving (logistics/pulling wink ), good verbal skills, so that you can exhibit social influence over others and over her, e.g. escalation and logistical management. For you guys that've been in my program we've got several verbal drills we do that develop this. Realy fucking cool I'm proud of them. Plus the technical vocal training aspect which teaches you how to speak with authority- this is just proper technical use of your physiological capabilities. Not trying to tout the program unnecessarily just trying to point you guys in the right direction. 


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