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Women want sex more than we do! Jesus Christ on a cracker its taken me 3 years to finally understand this at a deep level!!

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"Yeah, its like you're walking around in a porno." 

This girl I'm fucking said that after she got out of the shower and then did her hair makeup, and put her lil business suit on to go to work.  I saw her like that--seeing the after and picturing the before--and now I fully know that they walk around looking like that all prim and proper but really they want to be on their knees with my cock in their mouth or on their hands and knees with my cock inside them.  I remarked to her how nuts it is to me now and thats when she said that. 

She has a masters in sexology or something so I was totally open with her about training with MW, living in Vegas, and even doing jelqing and kegels (which she said "stop them, its big enough already and your stamina is too much"). 

She has gone to work before with my cum dripping out of her too.  And she's the total professional woman haha. 

Its taken three years and everything else to finally overcome the conditioning of the first 30+ years of my life..its crazy how many reference experiences it took for me.  Basically it came down to me having multiple girls hitting me up wanting me to come over and fuck them.  Then it took me actually being there and not really feeling like it but them being in the mood and initiating sex.  It's one thing if I tell them to beg for my cock when its right there about to go in.  Its wholly another just to be sitting there talking about how your day went and she jumps up to straddle me or gets on her knees and pulls him out. 

Its amazing but then it also makes it difficult for me to focus when I'm out in public because now every attractive woman I see I'm picturing her on her knees or eyes rolled back moaning in pleasure.

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David Deida says that sex is

David Deida says that sex is a gift to the woman when done right, and Manbawls said that to me IDK how many times during training that "oh well guess they don't want the gift we have to give them, their loss."  At the time I thought he was just pumping me up and trying to motivate me.  When he said that they have nothing better to do tonight then to get fucked by us I didn't believe him.  NOW I KNOW ITS TRUE!!  They crave getting fucked well and having a boss lead them to submit.  He said something like how many nights do you think these girls go out yet come back completely disappointed because they can't find the guys who can handle them/get the job done.  They're all looking for it men, and its our job to give it to them!

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I absolutely love this

I absolutely love this


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