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so i met this girl in december. the convo felt super on, she was asking me a lot of questions but i was turning the conversation back to her. but then she quickly started responding with insane dealys (days), and often with just a word and a smiley. can this be turned around or is she just a tease enjoying her current power?


me: hey miss indecisive. are you really 19? aren't you 125 years old vampire? alphapro2 (sent about 30 minutes after i met her)

her: how did you know? i thought you won't be able to tell :-O (33 minutes later)

me: shit, now im scared and can't go out with you. at least we can showcase you as a success of the makeup industry (4 minutes later)

her: makeup industry? :D oh come on (3 minutes later)

me: maybe you just suck blood out of people (i used a phrase in czech that also means that you annoy people) but 125 is a lot. anyway i got a crazy biz idea after i met you (33 minutes later)

she didn't repond so i text her the next day

me: i just saw you on tv

her: you don't say (the next day)

me: are you stuck in a blizzard somewhere or do you actually drive batmobile, and these things don't concern you? (three days later)

me: do i have to write a poem for you? :) (five days later)

her: :D noo (the next day)

me: looks like you have to climb the mountain XY* to catch some signal, and respond :] (sent pretty much right away, wanted to break away from this 'response every few days cycle' + tried to call her out on this tactic + that mountain bit was a reference to where she probably lives)

me: you must have lost your golden fish, can't imagine any other good reason for not responding (saw this in some texting guide a while back. a friend used it successfuly, i never pulled it off)

me (a month later):  Today is day of the disabled. Please send an encouraging message to a retarded friend, just as I did. Hang in there Sunshine. You are special.

her: who are you? (1 min later)

me: stripper name's rocky. you were putting five dollar bills under my briefs. (seven minutes later)

her: what? (seven minutes later)

me: i am alpphapro. i've met you in front of mcdonalds in december. do you run that language school by now, and your driver always pulls out red carpet in front of you ? (she was working in a language school, can't recall if she was a receptionist or something ... 1h 26 mins later)

her: not yet :D (eight days later)

Joined: 01/04/2015
when i say but then she

when i say but then she started responding with insane delays... by then i mean when i started texting her

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I assume you don't have an

I assume you don't have an Android phone 


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Joined: 01/04/2015
i do but i have to translate

i do but i have to translate convos from my native language anyway. so what is happening in this conversation?