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WTF.... I love Louie CK but this video is fucked up

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This video is so fucked up.  Look, I am totally down with the general concept of treating others with kindess and compassion. 

But,  my own personal form of leadership is a constant effort to lead with compassion without enabling. That's the key though - compassion, far far far too often devolves into enabling. 

What is so fucked up about this video is that it completely enforces, to an almost ludacris degree, the victim mentality, that has the potential to seriously harm other women, or even men, watching this video. It's unnaceptable. It's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I don't think people have the right to actively go out of their way to make fun of fat people, or to bully them (or anyone for that matter), but the fact that we are purely just talking about who a man chooses to date here, makes it a totally different story. 

Being fat is a choice for 95% of the people who are fat (I only say that because I know there are some rare diseases or weird shit that literally make it impossible for certain people to lose weight). Yes, people can have an addicition to food. The addiction to food is actually very similar to an addiciton to alcohol or tobacco. And just like with both of those, it's totally fair to not date someone because they are addicted to alcohol or cigs. 

That's what makes this issue a wolf in sheep's clothing. You're able to have a video this harmful on a site like upworthy, because it appears to be about something that it isn't. In reality, it's about someone making a choice to be fat, and then blaming others for that choice. 

So, instead of this woman cleaning up her diet, meditating, finding a solid workout routine, and reading books on self improvement..... She goes on a monologue about how it's unfair that men don't want to date her because she's fat. She literally creates an environment for herself that allows her to fail. By projecting the responsibility onto others, she literally never has to change.... because in her mind it's not her responsibility. 

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Yeah this is just where

Yeah this is just where things have gone. It's already back on track though, the whole "enabling" thing is definitely already a part of the public consciousness. That being said this is why I don't watch t.v. and social media, television caters to the lowest common denominator,  the helpless masses. It's not "for" people moving forward in life. It's for people that want to be spoonfed


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Well put potted

Well put potted