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you absolutely have to read MW's manifesto because....

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that will help you to understand the text game database, and his texting style. i read it yesterday and today it clicked - some texts seem mildly offensive, and they are. which means they will not work on every type of girl - if the girl is shy, insecure, and not top looker, she might respond negatively. but in my experience when you send those 'retard texts' to confident girls, they work like a charm. 's all.

go and read it if you didn't:

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Aww. One of my favorites. I

Aww. One of my favorites. I wasn't sure what "manifesto" you were referring to, lol.

There's a couple texting "rhythms" as well as particular male/female dynamics that definitely aren't "sweet" which are outlined in the text game book as well.


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