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It's true.

Like fuck everything else, I'm pretty much okay and what ever bitch don't like it at this point I don't care.

Theres a reason why the top tiers of Game are more screening and direct. Because it's the fucking truth lol.

It's the difference between getting girls you like and who like you and keeping your power, versus getting girls you like but who
don't really like you and selling out pieces of your power to be able to have them.

Man, I am enough. It's so true. No matter what my situation is. I am enough. No matter my state of mind or anything else, I
am enough.

 What a joke. This whole "heros journey" lol. It's just bitches.

Yeah of course I love the Game, but I'm playing it my way, which is the way where I don't sacrifice any power. Of course
I'm gonna still approach,thats not sacrificing power, of course I'm gonna escalate, thats also not sacrificing power. Fucking
ridiculous to think otherwise, the fuck. I'm doing what I want to. No shit.

Shake your finger at me now "Bad Superb, no, it's not all about power". Yes it is lol. Don't be fucking ridiculous.

Self-respect and power above all else. It's easy to dismiss and look for excuses to be weak. At the end of the day, almost all of
my lays have been direct game.

If I'm not good enough in your perception for you to like and fuck me without all that pretense and pretext, thats fine. Who am I
to change your perceptions. Why would I play your game? As if you're like "here doggy let me give you a chance! do not fuck up!,
don't make this obvious or clear! wouldn't want anyone to know I hooked up with YOU!"



I'm going out. With this in mind. Will report back.



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You do you, boo. 

You do you, boo kiss


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At the end of the day I don't

At the end of the day I don't know because you seem to be getting results. From the outside looking in though, it looks like you're trying to delude yourself (when it comes to these self worth/pimp posts, otherwise there's some good shit regarding game)

It's very beneficial to come to a point where you look at yourself objectively and scrutinize who or what you've become..

You especially dont want to get to a place where you don't recognize yourself because you're acting out of character with your highest morals. That causes resentment, both for yourself and whatever has caused you to act that way. You define yourself TO yourself moment to moment with the choices you make.

Sometimes Dude, you're just shitty and it's okay to acknowledge that..but the moment after you have to strive to make a change. Stop denying your weaknesses and instead work on them.

It's in that striving to your own potential where you develop that self esteem and don't have to convince anyone, yourself or otherwise. It's just intrinsic and assumed for you.

Make mistakes, re-evaluate and come out better. Every time.


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Jordan Peterson isn't wrong,

Jordan Peterson isn't wrong, and I don't know where the perception of me trying to convince myself that I'm the shit or whatever is coming from. I am the shit, because I spend my entire life,
​my every waking moment enhancing myself in ways that I personally find to be incredible, no outside approval needed. Aside from that, I am ACTUALLY, charismatic, intelligent and dare I say wise, action oriented and virtually fearless, so why wouldn't I be pleased with myself? Okay so I'm not the guy in the 2018 benz with $10,000 in my pocket to play with at night, I don't travel the world and take photos for IG, and the disconnect between what I have inside and what my life looks like RIGHT NOW is massive, I will not deny this, but who's to say that I shouldn't feel good about improving my situation? In fact, whos to say my situation is all that bad? Not that I want to stay in it, but we have to get real here, like theres really no reason for me to feel badly about myself and to use that as a propeller for change. If I want to have cool stuff and do cool stuff, it's because I want it for me, and if it attracts some girls, fine, come with. Just know that I'll be acutely aware that they're only hanging out with me because I have cool stuff to do, therefore I'm not taking them all that seriously. Personally, I just don't want to be pimped out by the system,
​I want to be my own boss and thats what I'm doing. 

I think it's much better to enjoy what I'm becoming and where I'm going so that I don't need any other motivation but the love of what I'm doing and who I'm becoming. This isn't about the girls anymore. It really never has been for me. It's about my values and living up to them. 

​Even in the Pimp posts, I explain what Peterson is saying in that video. Pimps LOVE what they do and who they are. Their values system is in line with what they are doing, and thus they
​don't hate themselves for it. In fact, they are authentically living in alignment with their values. 

​You can't hate yourself for doing stuff that you don't think is wrong anyway. If you think something is wrong, examine it through your own eyes and really see the implications to others and the
​rewards and costs to you on all levels. Really see what you're doing and decide if you're going to hate yourself for taking that course of action.