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For guys who still live at home. I notice a lot of guys around my neck of the woods and just online in general have this issue. I still live at home as well (moving out next year) and girls love to try to tool me on it. These shit tests are my favorite hahaha. Here's how I dealt with one specific situation.

Her: Work for me tn?

Me: work for you any night bb

Her: Tnx doll

Me: can you help me do my makeup

Her: You're pretty Ou natural

Me: you like it

Her: I don't wanna work :'(

Me: come take a nap with me then

Her: 1. Good try 2. I'm in class

Me: I said nap not bone

Me: you pervert

Her: Chill

Her: Who says bone

Me: i feel like it's less vulgar

Her: Cute

Me: :$ you're making me blush

Her: My names (her name) tho not (Girl i fucked a few days ago .. Lol idk how she found out)

Me: i'll take it

Her: Of course

Me: such a great trade off

Her: Obvs

Me: if you're going to be a shitty texter, off you go, (her name) *kiss emoji*

Her: Shutup I'm hungover having to go into work not being in my bed all day

Me: how does that make you feel

Her: Cranky

Her: Clearly

Me: lets fix that. i like you better relaxed and smiling

Her: Oh how charming of you

Me: please, this is about you rn

Her: Haha you're such a little shit

Me: i'm huuuuge *horse emoji* (hung like a horse reference lol)

Me: the only little thing here is you :)

Her: Careful

Me: i like to live dangerously

Her: Says the boy who lives with his parents

Me: i need someone to hold me when i'm upset

Me: they've never let me down

Her: Aw you're such a softy

Me: hopeless romantic*


Convo continued but you get the point. She is a super sassy/bitchy chick. Mega hottie lol. I'm just getting better at dealing with it.


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar

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I tool guys on it too ;) 

I tool guys on it too ;) 


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Joined: 07/22/2014
Hahaha I bet

Hahaha I bet


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar