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Indian girl - 42 years later: Lauren decided to stay and check out afrolicious, I am too tired... Had a l
Indian girl: ong day, nice to meet you and hope to see you soon
Indian girl - 1 min later: You are a good dancer :) Have a nice night
Indian girl - 2 mins later: Sure :) just let me know when
Indian girl - 3 mins later: Sorry it'll have to be another time... I already left for home :( tired, long day
Indian girl - 8 mins later: Gnight
Me - 6 hrs 42 mins later: Lol ur friends all lost yo :)
Me - 3 mins later: Lol yup. Lets chill. Grab some Mexican fooooood?
Me - 2 mins later: Meant sloppy 2am Mexican. Later...
Me - 6 mins later: No prob. Nitey nite.
Indian girl - 2 days 10 hrs later: Hi! Just finished my dinner break and back to work, how are you?
Indian girl - 51 mins later: Bon app?tit :) I will be at Madrone later if you want to hang out
Indian girl - 1 hr 40 mins later: As you like :)
Me - 4 hrs 26 mins later: Hey!
Me - 27 mins later: Goin to dinner myself...
Me - 44 mins later: Cool. Not sure if ill be out...maybe ill catch u latr
Me - 2 days 23 hrs later: Busy week we should get together soon. Was Tuesday funn?
Indian girl - 15 hrs 41 mins later: Yes it was :) Sure lemme know. Having a good weekend?

Joined: 01/18/2012
Your text game sucks.. thxbai
Your text game sucks.. thxbai

I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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