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Pickup Coaching
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whatsup my buddy showed me this forum. looks like good stuff.
i opened with a line i got from this site.

me: im luring girls to my house with candy, which do you prefer skittles or m &m's?

her: skittles. u might get girls on their periods if you put out m n m's.

me: what color do you want? im running low

her: lol suprise me

me: deal, all you have to do is put something cute on and come for lunch

her: lol what are you talking about?

me: what do you think im talking about. lets go grab some food.

her: you threw me off with the skittles question lol i just have to hand in my essay before 4. grab something after that?

me: sounds good, goodluck with the essay. let me know when youre done.

looking at it after, i dont know if i should have gone for her to come over instead of pushing to grab food. but who knows maybe i can close after we eat. also dont know if i should be more sexual or if its at a good level.
Joined: 04/05/2012
called me and asked to meet
called me and asked to meet on campus in a bit becuase she had stuff to do. then this
her: dont know if youve left but wana grab dinner instead later?
me: boo, i have muay thai at 6. which i was planning on going to unless you couldnt keep your hands off me
her: we can grab something after?
me: its done at 8, dunno if we'll have that much time before going out tonight.

she then called and we said we'd have lunch tomorrow and probably see eachother tonight.
maybe ill close tonight. should i text before the bar? at the bar? wait for a text?
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Sounds robotic. Check out
Sounds robotic. Check out some of manwhore's threads, or also falc is starting to develop some good stuff on here.

That skittles text is meant to be PLAYFUL... she even responded with a playful text. You absolutely KILLLED the fun ball of energy that was about to grow between you guys.

"me: what color do you want? im running low" LMAO- you're such a guy man. That was such a logical way of continuing the thread. Like, oh I made a comment about having skittles, now I must ask her what kind she wants.... haha that makes total sense but funny enough, it's not what's going to get you the really earth shattering results.

There are a lot of things going on here but that's sorta the one I wanted to touch on.

ALSO- ALL that being said... she still wants to meet up dude. Fuck this girl, you absolutely are still in fuck range of her lmao. This was more just advice so that in the future, when a girl doesn't want to meet up with you THIS badly, you'll know how to handle it.

Oh and your 2nd convo you had with her sounds much less robotic for whatever reason.

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Lars! I knew it was you! You
Lars! I knew it was you! You think you can just use prefabricated lines from manwhore!