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Joined: 03/30/2012
Met this girl while waiting for the bus. I kinda just stop her as she was walking by, I don't do that often. Anyways, I chatted with her for probably 3 minutes and then had to catch the bus. I shot her this first text.

Me: Hey babe, its WanderingSoul. My goal for today- have a more enjoyable/lazier day than you. Tough task.( She said she was just lazing around today, since she is in between jobs).

No response yet.
Joined: 03/30/2012
Finally got a reply
The next day I sent her this.

Me: I failed at my task yesterday. Today, will be better,as the time is coming for happy hour beers. You seem like a wino.

No response.

Two days later(today), I sent her.

Me: Finally got to be lazy today. I got locked out of my apartment and have to chill at my friends. Life is pretty good like this, I know how you do this now.

Her( sent maybe 20 mins later): Oh yeah?

What should I response with?
Joined: 01/18/2012
So seems like she responded
So seems like she responded to your persistence. This turns girls on for whatever reason. Maybe it's the whole "hunter-pursuer" thing.

Send her a picture of something funny in the kitchen with the caption "but I do it better"

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Joined: 03/30/2012
Already sent something
Shit, I already sent something. Also, I can't send pictures on my phone, and I'm locked out of my apartment.
Here's what I sent.

Me: Yup, apartment complex charges $75. But easter was good and relaxing. What'd you end up doing ...or not doing?

Maybe I should have sent(along Manwhore's advice)
" I pretty much left my apartment as a warzone. I do lazy much better than you."
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Joined: 04/05/2012
That sucked bro. Im guessing
That sucked bro. Im guessing she didnt reply. You are being so boring and you aint getting her to invest. Wait for manwhore advice before continuing.

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Keep it interesting brah. She
Keep it interesting brah. She responded to you, now it's your opportunity to express yourself while you have her attention. It's in EXPRESSING yourself that she's gonna get attracted to you because you're naturally a pretty dope kid. But if you don't express yourself well via text, she's just gonna move on to the next dude.

Even with a few girls who I've already fucked, I'm constantly keeping my texts fun and including lots of banter cause it's like that's what attracted them in the first place... you can't just stop being a cool dude.

Also- even if some of my texts, since I'm just starting out with this stuff, are naturally over the top maybe sometimes, as I continue (and all of you guys as well) to be creative and sorta force myself to stay interesting via text... EVENTUALLY it will become second nature and we'll all become naturally super interesting guys via text, which isn't something that I think is naturally the case- even for guys who are super interesting in person. Just cause, it's so much easier to say something mundane and casual via text.

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