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OFFICIAL THREAD of How To Punk or AMOG Super Bitches!

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You know those total bitches you meet in the club that are just excessively rude. Yeah, those asshats. I like to punk some super bitches tonight. Ideas welcomed.
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Honestly man, unless it's a
Honestly man, unless it's a situation last night where like the guy is physically trying to take the girl away, I handle AMOGs no differently than anyone else really.

I just continue to do my thing and don't react, no point. If you just keep doing you and you're chill about it all they will usually end up liking you and the whole thing gets flipped.

That being said- I know manwhore is more aggressive than I am and that sorta manly aggressiveness is something I'm working on, so that way of handling it may change as I continue to develop. Once you get in a sparring match with an amog though, I feel like you're just giving him what he wants.

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I'm talking about "females".
I'm talking about "females". The super rude females that are excessively rude, not the guys.
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Holme where's the info on
Holme where's the info on punking super bitches. You dont name a thread the official blah blah when all it is is you asking how lol.

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...Fuck. lol

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Do like Owen and yell at them
Do like Owen and yell at them

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