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Joined: 04/04/2012
Hey guys.. it's been a while since I posted on the forum.. been crammed with school and shit.

So there is this chick Dena at my school who (as I may add) is a fuckin' bombshell.. 10/10, looks like Kim Kardashian, huge tits, big ass, amazing looking. Anyways, back in my chode days (which still come and go from time to time), I'd go out to the bar and run into this chick. We'd dance and grind and feel each other up and shit. However, at the time I was also in a pretty big relationship and never felt the need of escalating. Anyways, last year Zed's Dead played a show at my school and I saw her there; grinded, danced, felt each other up.. whatever. Before she left she whispered in my ear: "Call me sometime. No boundaries". We were both in relationships, but i was too scared to escalate. Nothing happened after that

I see this honey around the library still. And today, I was running day game with RigginsRigs; chillin talking pick up and shit. SO far its been a bomb day. I went out for a smoke and when I came into the library I see this dime peace staring at me.

Me: "hey, whats up? (smiley face)

Dena: (looks back at me; smiles) "Hey you, hows it going?"

Me: (walking by each other) "Good"....

"good".. "good"?? I feel like a fucking pussy. I let my bucketlist broad go by without escalating to another level. Im gonna have a talk with Falc after hes done his exam, but I'm not gonna wait around for this chick to walk by again. Schools over soon, she's gonna graduate, and I wanna bang this chick mad hard.. I need some outer game advice.

I wanna message her on facebook and say some shit to her.. about meeting up sometime tonight or tommorow for some drinks or dancing or whatever...

I threw the background info in there for you guys to get a feel of where i'm coming from. ANy advice as to what I should message or say to her???

any help would be appreciated. Thanks homies
Joined: 01/18/2012
Pics or it didn't happen.
Pics or it didn't happen.

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