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Joined: 03/31/2012
I met this girl on the street. She was with her friend, game her, got her number.

Me: Hey its hkmt's number. Save it he might change your life.

2 days after;

Me: Yaksimas senorita (means how are you in her language) How is your day being. Just saw a news about an arrested polish girl because of her extremely sexy high heels. Is that you by any chance?

On the day I saw her she had super high heels so I wanted to text smoothing like that. No response yet. Im getting petrified when I send 2-3 texts without any response, don't know what to do afterwards...
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Joined: 01/31/2012
"How is your day being"
"How is your day being" should be, "How's your day goin"

In more casual conversation we tend to use the contraction "'s" - it's just a little less formal than writing out, "Averb + is"

And yeah, we're weird as shit and it makes no sense that we would say, "going" instead of "Being" (leave off the g for casual text convo, although this is purely stylistic)

Bleh, this may be pointless and stupid. I don't know. But maybe it makes sense. If not, don't worry about it.

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You're asking too many
You're asking too many questions in your texting it's sending a loud and clear needy signal.

Instead of the "is that you by any chance?" say "Don't worry pumpkin I'll bring you a care package in jail. Skittles or M M's"

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