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Should you still go over a girls house if she lives with other people?

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Joined: 03/10/2012
Sometimes I get these invites and I tend to go over but I never get a full close because the girl is self-conscious about the roommates or the kids, etc.
Should one make sure the girl lives alone or will be alone at the day I go there or I just need better game to convert those?
Joined: 01/18/2012
It totally depends mang.. as
It totally depends mang.. as a SAFE course of action tho, I usually make the girl come over to my house, tho I have closed plenty of times with roommates around or kids, or both lol.

I had an 8 yr old kid barge into the room with me and his mom, she wasn't wearing any panties. Was cool

If you continue to go to their house you want to work on your crowd control and isolation. A few months back I was at someone else's house and the girl had her friends around, etc., but when her friends tried to take her I was like.. fuck no. And I took her back. I had enough clout and social charisma/control to tell THEM what was up. I took her upstairs and made her strip for me then gave her cock all night. Was good

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