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Pickup Coaching
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God Manwhore, your a sick
God Manwhore, your a sick fucking genius sometimes. This quote makes me feel a SHIT TON better about some game I executed on this girl. Shut up and take my money. *Signs up for monthly subscription*

"Your "where do I pick you up?" was jumping the gun. Almost like.. uggh this is hard to explain. It's like the Alpha dog.. when he gets his treat he fuckin' chills the fuck out, puts his feet up, and takes his time devouring his treat and savoring the experience. The beta dogs gobble their fucking shit down in a hurry tho.. because they're afraid someone is going to come take it. So right there, rather than chill out and play it right, you jumped to the finish line because you weren't sure it was going to last, and this didn't demonstrate the right vibe you want to project."