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Joined: 02/16/2012
I had sent all kind of opener to this chick but got nothing from her. Now she sent me a msg after i give her 4 stars rating (OkC will notice the other person if you give them 4,5 stars rating)

Her: Are you an asshole? Because you sounds like an asshole. Just curious.

Me: Lol this its the worst opener I've ever received. Why would you ask that?

Her: Because you have a joke profile.

Me: Hmm, apparently, our senses humor are diff

Her: I mean, its funny but either you're a jokester Or a dick

Me; Its only 9 on the morning, and you already called my asshole and dick.. Not very cool! What's your name?

Her: Sabrina. Yours?

Me: Erik. You owe a mochi for calling me such names young lady

Her: Uh huh...You'll have to win me over for that. It's annoying I can't tell what you look like.

Me: Speaking of that, bring your camera, I don't have any pictures. I just realize this factor had depreciated my awesomeness value

Her: Lol it depreciates me wanting to hang out

Me: Lol funny you. Downtown mochi around 6?

Her: I have work. And you could be a serial killer.

Me: Lol what kinda guys have you met? Asshole, dick, and serial killer... You surely have interesting words associated with guys

Her: yeah

I was gonna ask what her schedule like this week, but that seems a lil pushy.. Any advice?
Joined: 04/18/2012
be pushy. you got it , CLOSE
be pushy. you got it , CLOSE THE DEAL