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Field Report - Just got back let me know what you think

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Hey guys,

Just got back from my weekend adventure in Munich.

So I planned to meet with a friend of mine but he couldn't make it.
My usual Munich wingman who is a RSD instructed guy is currently
in Paris.

I was on my own and usually I would not go out that way, it was the
first time. So it got to around 11:20pm until I finally decided that I will
go (It's a 1:30 h drive x2 so basically 3h consider the fuel cost, the effort,
the parking space cost etc etc)

I arrived in Munich at about 1am in the morning and went to a square next
to a park where RSD's Alex got a blowjob (according to my usual wing).
SO I just stroll around the streets because there are several clubs and begin
to chat with different people to gain momentum. I chatted up a bunch of backpackers
who were on their way to a hostel, a bunch of hotties who where on the way into
clubs until I finally decided which club I would go into. (Rote Sonne Club or Red Sun)

So I went inside and felt this feeling of the nimbus around me...for the first time...before
that I had only really read about it in connection with pick up or been on it while drunk.
I wasn't drunk but it was still there...I just felt completely outcome independent, I didn't
even feel like I was there to pick up chicks but just to have a good time and meet new people.

So I approach this 3 set with 1 guy and 2 girls by staring into one of the girl's eyes and coming
closer. Instead of introducing myself to her first I actually spoke to the guy as I figured this
would get me hooked and it did. (I learnt this lesson about 3 weeks before in Munich after I
got into a 3 set with a guy and was blown out after he kept staring at me and I went "does this
guy always look like a psychopath"? The girls found it funny and said "yea he is strange" but he
didnt like it and explained they were his and his friends gf's. so I left)

So I'm in the set being playful and escalating physically. I start some rapport shit and one of the
girls is really into my hometown (because its like a really posh place) she says she wants to visit
sometime so we exchange phonenumbers. I decide to go outside for a smoke to celebrate and
ask a guy for a cigarette. So we start talking about the best clubs in the area and he tells me of
one called Neuraum (Newroom).

I go back inside and hit up a 2 set that is dancing...its two women. I just go up and touch one of
their asses while saying hi. She immediately takes my hand off and her and her friend are like
"NO NO NO NO" I go up again and do the exact same thing as before which in retrospective
strikes me as strange but I was probably in state at the time. She takes my hand off again and
I'm like...maybe I went to far. So I go up again and touch her ass and say "I'm sorry take it easy
have a nice evening and leave". I go outside for a smoke and the next thing you know about 2-3 minutes
later is those two come outside and stand right next to me pretending nothing happened or as if
they had forgotten me.
I feel sort of awkward at this point but I decide to take the chance and I'm like "Hey guys
I really just wanted to say hi"...the hot one is like "So who are you tell me more". WOW wtf!!
I involve her fat friend into the set by asking where they are both from and ask if they wanna go inside
and dance a little. So inside I kino escalate the hot one again and this time she lets me touch her ass.

I ask her friend "do you approve if we spend some time alone I gotta show your friend a secret".
At this point the fat one ruins the whole thing which was totally fucked up. Seemed like she got super
jealous or feared she'd end up alone so she kept grabbing the hot one and hottie was like "We have to
go I'm sorry". I'm like "hey listen girl...give me your number I want to see you again" first she's like
we gotta go but I keep plowing and she gives in so now I got her number too. After that I go outside and
the guy from the first cigarette is there again.

We both decide to go to Newroom which is a like a loud club with 4 different rooms or something on 3 separate
floors, about 1500 people inside.
Some serious hotties there and I go in physically into 2 sets without even eye contact or words.
Lol...I just wanted to see if that shit might work.
I dont know how to do things like the claw or stuff like that so I usually go in and lightly touch their ass
or above the ass on the back where trampstamps are usually located.
Again what happens is I get blown out, do it again, get blown out and just keep plowing.
It's a nice exercise for becoming unreactive in any case as usually I would smile at the girl after doing
it which is the wrong thing to do according to Manwhore and SashaDaygame's video. The moment
she'll see you react and find it strange yourself she wont let you do it.
Anyways, two girls whos ass I touch later come into my vicinity for some reason (probably the same as the
ones at Red Sun)...they either follow me outside and pretend they have to phone somebody or go for a smoke.

So with one I just gave her dirty looks and a smirk and she smiled back then looked away. At that point I was
engaged in a conversation with someone who gave me a cigarette and I taught him some of my limited
pick up knowledge. I didnt reapproach the girl.
I chatted up the second girl who followed me and broke into rapport again asking her about her life and
telling her about myself. After a while I get tired as 3 guys who gave me cigarettes keep approaching me
to teach them more pick up. So we go downstairs and by now its about 4:30 am and I'm just telling them
to approach and that the goal is to "kiss the girl".

We do a countdown of 20 seconds then a guy has to approach or be hit by all the other guys.
I get bored after 2 of them do it and fail and leave the club. Drive home. Go for a walk around town
at about 6:30 am until 7 and then come back home to write up this report.

Dont give me the usual "jwest you are bullying us" or "jwest give us more detail" or "jwest i wont teach
you for free" such as manwhore said.

Manwhore you should come to Austria so we can eat a Wiener Schnitzel together.
me outside for cigarette
jwest (not verified)
Ps: not sure where the last
Ps: not sure where the last sentence "me outside for a cigarette" came from but it's not even true,
I dont usually smoke except when I'm out and want to have some casual chat. lol



this was definitely not a very good night but I tried some new things like physical escalation from the
get go and I have never before been out picking up chicks on my own on a Saturday night. Usually I would have stayed at
home because I couldnt handle that my wing or at least some chode isnt with me.

I just used to feel like I needed their support which meant that I was dependent on others. Now that
has changed and I'm proud I just pushed through the fear of being alone.