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Joined: 04/26/2012
So I met this girl at a bar on sunday, really feel like we hit it off. She's here from Chicago, and will be staying here seeing friends until thursday morning. Immediately after number closing I sent this:

2:08am apr30th
Me: :)
Her: Hey :)

The next day I sent her this

4:16pm apr30th
Me: so how does portland compare to chicago
Her: Cloudy!
Me: we have more hipsters ;)

Her: Way more hipsters!
Me: anyways, im free tuesday night
Me: id like to invite u to drink w me :)

Her: That would be fun! I'll have to check with the girls I'm with to see what everyone's plans are. Get at me tomorrow and we will figure something out :)

I didn't respond after that because I didn't feel the need to, but it is now tuesday... curious how to re-engage her now without seeming needy or losing power. Still pretty new/bad at text game so advice appreciated
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The idea is to create
The idea is to create emotional momentum with a girl up until your date. It's basic flake prevention/management while also getting her more invested in you and seeding "other" things. You have none of this lol.

Send her a random text it could be anything and gauge where you're at. "Hey you, either we're drinking or I'm joining the hipster union tonight."

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Joined: 04/26/2012
May 1st 2:58pmMe: :)Me: hey
May 1st 2:58pm
Me: :)
Me: hey you, either we're drinking or im joining the hipster union tonight.
Her: What's the hipster union?
Me: the union that hipsters are required to join if they live in portland. they set strict standards for beard length and bulk order thick rimmed glasses
Her: Ooo sarcasm...nice ;)
Her: I guess we are going to bowling tonight? I'm probably just going to drink bc I don't bowl... its ***** on *****

I don't know how many other girls are there, and I'd prefer to meet her alone. The address seems like terrible logistics for pulling...

edit: that last msg was her not me
Joined: 04/26/2012
May 1st 4:35pmMe: too far
May 1st 4:35pm
Me: too far out of the way for me :/
Me: but hey, u guys should come kick it w me n my friend in downtown when ur done
Her: Where do u go?
Me: we hop around a lot. (names of four venues). txt me when u come down ;)

Her: Kk...might check it out :)

Eh, we'll see how it goes
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I don't see why you didn't go
I don't see why you didn't go with her. Friends being there doesn't mean you can't pull. Unless you have something better planned that was a dumb move. Good job though, liked the hipster comment.

Also manwhore can you explain in more detail the emotional momentum?

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