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Girl: You don't live here.
Girl - 4 mins later: If you bring me some shrimp vermicelli with extra veggies and a shit ton of sriacha ill trade you.
Girl - 3 mins later: I love vermicelli
Me - 4 mins later: That I could make anytime.. You are quite demanding lady... I don't even know how you look like
Girl - 3 mins later: And this is my fault? Yes. That's what Hispanic women are, demanding, crazy, loud, brash, loud.. bla bla bla..
Me - 1 min later: You got me at crazy and loud... The rest kinda fade out lol
Girl: And dirty..
Girl: Dirty mexican here >:)
Me: If you can tease like that, send me your pix
Girl - 3 mins later: Tease?! That's being retarded sir.
Me: My apology for using such a wrong word my lady
Girl - 1 min later: Whatever, just don't let it happen again.
Me: You should punish me....
Girl: What do they hit you with In the mother land? Bamboo sticks?
Me: Handcuff me and start whipping
Girl: There you go again, caning! You'll be caned!!
Me: That's how I like to be punished
Girl - 1 min later: You kinky ass chino!
Me - 1 min later: I take it as a compliment
Girl - 1 min later: Crazy. Did you get the pics?
Me: I like the second one
Me: Nice tattoo
Girl - 1 min later: The flower I drew, or the roman numerals?
Me - 1 min later: The flower. Is that the only one u have?
Girl: Nah I got 5 and 3 facial piercings
Me: Show me
Girl - 10 mins later: You can see one of them other should
Girl: Er
Me - 1 min later: Huh? finish your sentence love
Girl - 1 min later: You can see the other tattoo on my other shoulder and the piercings in my face
Me: I saw only one....
Me - 7 mins later: What does it mean?
Girl - 3 mins later: 1/3/1985 - 9/12/2010
The day my oldest sister was born and died

Me: I'm sorry to hear!! What happened?
Girl - 1 min later: Isa is my nickname, and the last one is just a tiny set of angel wings like the kewpie doll
Me: Seems like you should attach a lil description along with your tattoo for me lol
Me: I see
Girl: She ended up hitting a tree to avoid hitting the person driving in front of her and died on impact
Girl - 1 min later: Its almost 2 years now
Me: Wtf...? Doesn't sound right at all
Girl: What doesn't?
Girl: To avoid hitting the person driving in front of her she over corrected and hit a tree
Me - 1 min later: I see
Girl - 2 mins later: Yeah. It sucks. She left a little girl behind
Girl: Yeah. It sucks. She left a little girl behind
Me: Who looking after the lil one now?
Girl - 2 mins later: I helped my mom fight for custody and i help her
Me: Very nice of you and your mom :)
Girl: Watching her is nothing new, I've been looking after her and my other niece since they were born. We don't do babysitters.
Me: Babysitter could be a pain in the ass
Girl - 1 min later: You can't trust anyone with your kids
Girl: Do you have any?
Me: No I just happen talk to quite a few married women lol
Girl - 1 min later: :| I don't bark up them trees
Me: Meaning?
Girl: I don't mess with dads or divorceés
Me: Loll can't believe you have an impression I'm married... This is too good
Girl - 1 min later: I didn't say I thought you were married
Girl: Im saying I don't mess with the once married.
Me - 1 min later: It still funny lol... That the last thing cross my mind babe
Girl - 1 min later: What?
Girl: I had a bad experience with a guy I was dating who was going though a divorce and had a kid. Sealed the deal forever.
Me: You think I used to be married
Me: Now its understandable
Girl - 5 mins later: Yeah.. those are 2 questions I like to get out of the way first
Me - 3 mins later: You sure did lol
Girl - 1 min later: Great. Next!!!
Me: It's 10:46, I wanna see your sexy pix!
Girl - 1 min later: You're shit out of luck mate, I only got homeless pics
Me: Homeless?
Girl: Yes chino, im at home looking crummier than a biscuit.
Me - 1 min later: How's so? What's wrong?
Girl - 1 min later: :)) im at home, IDGAF about his my level of comfort is percieved
Girl - 1 min later: I really am horrible about being slightly girls most of the time :)
Girl: I'm about to go work out
Me - 2 mins later: I might go to soon, gotta wake up early. But send me your shower pix after finishing working out... I wanna start off my morning right lol
Girl - 2 mins later: :)) you're funny
Me - 7 hrs 3 mins later: I thought we agree you would send your sower pix
Girl - 2 hrs 5 mins later: We is the wrong people
Girl - 10 hrs 18 mins later: Its been boring as fuck
Girl - 9 mins later: I've been home all day. There's nothing to do. I've been making spread sheets for the nutritional info for the ingredients and protein bars I made
Girl - 3 mins later: Not until this weekend
Girl - 5 mins later: Where you live?
Girl - 1 min later: You go to the gator school or just live there?
Girl - 4 mins later: Haha. What is your major?
Girl - 4 mins later: I have selective memory
Girl - 1 min later: Straight asshole. I know.
Girl - 3 mins later: Do what?
Girl: I never had sex with a chino
Girl - 2 mins later: Asian
Girl: What were you talking about?
Girl - 22 mins later: I use it as a term of endearment, not an insult
Me - 34 mins later: Come down here tmrw, I wanna taste your homemade protein bar
Girl - 2 mins later: The chocolate ones are dry as shit
Me: Bring me the less dry ones then lol
Girl: And the pumpkin ones don't have enough stevia :/
Me: Hmm, that still better than being adey
Me: Dry*
Girl - 1 hr 9 mins later: They're alright, just dense
Me - 2 mins later: I want it
Girl - 8 mins later: Haha
Girl - 16 hrs 49 mins later: Im getting ready to ride my bike
Girl - 3 mins later: Ping!!ping!! Bicycle
Girl - 1 min later: I ride for diatance
Girl - 10 mins later: For exercise best of an hour or 15 miles. But today im riding from Yulee to downtown. Its a 55mile round trip
Girl: Downtown Jax ***
Girl - 2 mins later: This is the kind of shit I do out of boredom usually :/
Girl - 2 mins later: Yup. Me and the open road
Girl - 3 hrs 18 mins later: 20.57 in 1:50 it was sooo
Girl: Windy
Girl - 1 hr 47 mins later: How was it?
Me - 1 hr 58 mins later: 5.7 in 51 min... Not so bad
Girl: Miles?
Girl: Running?
Me: Yea
Girl - 1 min later: Not bad at all your quick like the wind
Me: My record is 7.25 in an hr
Girl - 1 min later: Your milesI has got to be 8 minutes or less?
Me: Around 8 I think
Me: Ur pretty good at math I see
Girl - 1 min later: I know and I'm not even asian!
Me: Lol
Girl - 3 mins later: My best time is 6.?25 miles in 1 hour 49 seconds
Me: Not bad I say
Me - 2 mins later: I'm off half day tmrw, come hang out with me
Girl - 1 min later: Correction. That was 6.27 in 1:00:49
Girl - 1 min later: That was when I was about 20 pounds heavier too
Me: Should try breaking your rec again
Girl - 1 min later: I try for 7, 2 weeks ago but it was just so windy it was unbelievable
Girl - 7 mins later: I was never physically pushed back by the wind while running until that day

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k wtf happened here mang. I
k wtf happened here mang. I quit reading as soon as I saw people start dying. Gawdamn I'm trying to be happy over here. How the FUCK does this text convo start out being about sex and then transfer over to people dying in car crashes leaving little children behind. ABORT. Do not let the conversation go that way. Holy fuck duck. You fucked up by not capitalizing on an easy meet up and lay. Read my "perfect text message" convo and see how I arrange the meetup.

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