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Girl: Hi Eric!
Me - 2 mins later: Hi April! And I spell your name right! Lol
Girl: Lol!
Me - 1 hr 20 mins later: Going out tonite for me seems a lil pushy
Girl - 3 mins later: For who?
Me: For myself loll just literally got off
Girl - 3 mins later: O well! Business before pleasure.
Me: What you doing?
Girl - 1 min later: Texting you....;-)
Me: Then give me sth to work with ;)
Girl - 1 min later: Like what...
Me - 1 min later: You can start off by trekking what you been doing since 8:11
Me - 14 hrs 46 mins later: Candle shopping with women can be quite pain in butt
Girl - 2 mins later: You just need some patients...... What else would you be doing?
Me: Checking myself in the mirror and miring how awesome I am lol
Me - 8 hrs 53 mins later: You seem fun! Especially when you reply nothing to such an awesome message like mine
Girl - 16 mins later: I really had no remark except a blank puzzled look ***thinking*** who does that?
Me - 2 mins later: *** me puzzle *** how could you not feel the awesomeness spreading?
Girl - 1 min later: Ok soooo.....who is it spreading to?
Me - 1 min later: You caught me spreading... My head just gone blank
Girl - 3 mins later: Wow! Don't do drugs! Well I'm studying for my mangerial finance exam....we will have to continue this convo at a later date...ttyl...sweet dreams.;-)
Me: I prefer a wet dream...
Girl: What a pervert!o_O
Me: I would call that honesty loll

Joined: 01/18/2012
Is this part of another
Is this part of another convo?

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