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Pickup Coaching
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Increased my self-expression. I would appreciate feedback

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Thoughts are associated with
Thoughts are associated with words. When you talk to them, you can say anything cuz there is face to face interaction which has all kinda other values. But, if they read your profile, and seeing the word "asshole" in the 1st sentence could cause negative thinking. I say you should keep it fun and flirting in kinda positive vibe.
Joined: 03/10/2012
manwhore, id appreciate some
id appreciate some feedback
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It's a tiny bit try-hard man
It's a tiny bit try-hard man I'd put in some more fun flirty stuff rather than try so hard to be cocky with your profile. Saying you're an asshole is ok but you want to show you've got some depth to you. I'd somehow incorporate a funny story about your life into your profile. keep it short and sweet but throw it in there

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