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Me: Hey it's Jeff
vintage: Hey
Me - 10 mins later: Lol I'm still at vintage r u leaving ? Drive safe
vintage - 3 mins later: Yea we left. Taking a cab
Me - 19 mins later: Alright cool it was really nice meeting u lets hangout soon :)
vintage: Cool k
Me - 1 day 11 hrs later: Always nice to be sitting out in the sun with some coronas :)
vintage - 9 mins later: Is that what ur doing?
Me - 6 mins later: Yeah earlier haha now I have to catch up on school on my day off, what about u?
vintage: Just left work now at my favorite
Me - 4 mins later: Target = elegant shopping experience haha
vintage - 2 mins later: I come in here for one thing and end up getting the whole store
Me - 14 mins later: Damn that is true...I should stop getting Starbucks inside of target haha
vintage - 5 mins later: Me to
Me - 1 day 23 hrs later: Hey you! Lets meetup Thursday! :)
vintage - 4 mins later: If I dont go to tucson.
Me - 2 mins later: Ok sounds good... going for vacation?
vintage: No boxing stuff.
Me - 4 mins later: Whoa whoa your a boxer?!
vintage - 7 mins later: No my sister is a boxing promoter
vintage - 1 min later: Whets your last name I have to many jeffs in my phone
Me - 2 mins later: Haha that's right even your Co worker is a Jeff
.. but its Varsovia

vintage - 1 min later: Yea i have two co workers jeff and two josh. Haha
Me - 7 mins later: I'm seriously the only Jeff I know haha It seems like it would be a common name though
vintage - 3 mins later: It is very common
Me - 2 mins later: I think for me I've come across a lot of Chris's and Brian's haha
vintage - 3 mins later: My brother is a brian
Me - 7 mins later: Haha see! So is it a pretty big fight over in Tucson?
vintage - 1 min later: No this week but next week yea and then she is doing one in may out thrre
Me - 3 mins later: That's so it all just local fighters from AZ?
vintage - 1 min later: Most.
vintage - 34 mins later: do you go to asu
Me - 1 min later: I do yep how did u know
vintage - 1 min later: Ur area code....
Me - 11 mins later: Oh haha yeah I'm from California
vintage - 18 mins later: Yea I know area codes really well bc of work. How old are u
Me - 19 mins later: Why u work with phones a lot? I'm 26
vintage - 1 min later: Yea in fraud
vintage - 1 min later: How u move out here?
vintage - 2 hrs 15 mins later: So im not going tomorrow
Me - 3 hrs 20 mins later: Oh to Tucson?
Me - 15 mins later: Just got off work
vintage - 5 hrs 23 mins later: Yea. Getting for work now. Lol I work early
Me - 8 hrs 17 mins later: Damn why so early? Lol
vintage - 38 mins later: I work 5 am to 1:30
Me - 1 hr 3 mins later: Oh I guess that evens out then u work tommorow as well?
vintage - 50 mins later: No
Me - 1 hr 11 mins later: Yay just finished a midterm then just a paper to write then spring break lol
Me - 2 mins later: Drinks tonight?
vintage: Where?
Me - 3 mins later: Where do u live?
Me - 3 mins later: Are u somewhat close to mill Ave?
vintage: Phoenix...what time?
vintage: Yea
Me: Well I need to finish this paper so do u think u can do 9? Or is that too late?
Me: Or early lol
vintage - 1 min later: Thats fine ill be in mesa anyway at 6 so that works.
Me: OK cool :)
vintage - 1 hr 24 mins later: Where on mill?
Me - 2 mins later: What's the best place to start off on Thurs? Because I only been to vintage and Margarita rocks haha
vintage - 1 min later: Umm idk. What did u have in mine? I dont go to mill often
Me - 1 min later: Same .... want to just start at vintage then?
vintage - 1 min later: Ohh so u want to do the club kind of thing?
Me - 3 mins later: That's true its kinda loud in there.... que club so that way I can school u in pool lol :)
vintage - 2 mins later: Ok thats fine
Me: Cool ill see u soon
vintage - 19 mins later: Kk

Joined: 01/18/2012
Why are you bringing this
Why are you bringing this girl to a club on a date. You should bring her to a bar near your place for drinks so you can fuck her afterwards. Even she's surprised that's why she brings it up. She's like "Wait I'm not getting dick? Oh so you're gay"

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