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No idea how to input automatically from an iPhone any advice would be appreciated (copy and pasted messages using Evernote)..iPhone does texts in groups as well (don't know how to time-stamp this). Color formatting tricks?

Monday nite (right after meeting TITS of glory)

Me: Hi this is Katalyst aka 91% dark chocolate
Her: You are crazy lol


Me: watup


Her: What's up dark chocolate

(an hour later)

Me: Nothing much...chilling in the back like a villain
r u vanilla or white chocolate?
(30 mins later)
Her: Haha very funny! I would say white chocolate ;)
With a vanilla swirl!
Me: Sounds so delicious but sinful...just like u [

(2 hours later)
Her: Ez now...I'm an angel!

call her Saturday because I'm more comfortable w/the meetup via phone

Her: Hey Katalyst...I'm away for the ya tomorrow ;) btw are u on fb?

(5 hours later)
Me: yup name is Katalyst
(she sends friend request)
Her: That just made you 100% chocolate ;)
My fb name is XYZ, accept!

Me: idk if u can handle 100% dark chocolate - might b 2 bitter
91% is the right mix - sweet n healthy enough to melt right in ur mouth *scientifically proven by me*

(writes on fb wall)

Haven't asked for the meet-up yet - but a simple text or two should do the trick

  • hey hun i'm doing XYZ right now but let's meet up later on tonight is all it should take to get the meet-up
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    Joined: 03/18/2012
    Might as well intro because I'm making follow-up game a serious serious focus in my game. Plan to be on here everyday getting feedback and what not. My follow-up game is actually pretty bad. Start finally to understand the elements of buyer - seller dynamic. You can't force an outcome - it's up to the girl to decide whether she's going to sleep w/u. Took me a long bloody fuckin time to understand this. She has to game you. HAS TO. It really finally clicked for me 100%.

    So recently I've pretty much been going out everyday. It's really GO time for me. On average, I would say I get about 5 #s a week. A good week - I'll get 10. Some will be strong interest - they'll text me saying wassup but i find some way to fuck it up by not conveying interest (i have an annoying habit of letting #s die)

    Looking thru my phone and realizing I have a high flake ratio. No big deal. Also looking thru my phone and realizing that I've been either using Jeffy's text message "routine" or just canned lines and there's no point in uploading that stuff on here. I usually call girls because it's what I'm most comfortable w/.

    Joining this forum so I can think for myself and not use other guy's "magical" lines (i.e. Your name in French means that you love me) Want to understand the principles behind the text messages so say 2 -3 months from now on my lines are less scripted and more formulaic (i.e knowing when to be fun, knowing when to be sexual, etc etc) and I know what the fuck I'm doing.

    So glad there's a forum on follow-up game Manwhore. RSD is an amazing amazing company and cover most areas of womanzing pretty well but there's been relatively minimal information on follow-up game via RSD.
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    So your first lesson is when
    So your first lesson is when a girl tries to put a halt to the sexuality, e.g. you say something about naughty and she says hold up I'm an angel you DO NOT move forward with more sexuality. I saw that and I was like.. oops it's over. You'll have to play some recovery game 'cuz you made a booboo with the melt in your mouth comment.

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    What is Recovery game?
    Wow good point - never even knew this.

    What is recovery game? What would you have sent

    P.S. Btw I sent her a text message earlier today because I was trying to have her come to some event my buddy invited me to tomorrow - (me: hey just coming from r u?) didn't get a reply.

    Prolly should have come up w/something more fun. Guess I'll day 2 her some other time