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This was my first Tinder lay which was pretty exciting.

Here are some of the text convos if anybody is interested on how it went down:

I invited this chick out like 8 times before she finally agreed to meet up, thanks to some good text game and persistence. We meet up the first time at the mall. When she pulled up and  I hoped in her passenger and gave her a kiss on the cheek. This set the tone perfectly, and made it easy to be sexual and physical during the date. After that she went away on vacation for a few weeks, and I sent her a few snap chats and texts here and there just saying whats up and letting her know I was having a good time back home and wanted to see her when she gets back. 

What I am most proud of is how fantastic my text game was when I got her to comeover last night, which I will post below. It was pretty clear that she surrendered over text and that I was in complete control. We went out and got ice cream, went to my house to watch netflix, and it just went down. It was the easiest sexual escalation I've ever experienced. My dick was out and in her mouth within 30 seconds, I told her "he wants to meet you". Also, she was wearing a dress, which made it too easy to get her clothes off. She claimed she was wearing it because she had some fancy lunch... but it was like 10:30 pm so i'm pretty convinced she did it on purpose :) Anyways, at the 2 minute mark her panties were off. There was ZERO lmr/resistance which was really really weird for me. I even stopped and hit her with, "I don't think I have a condom." She responds, "I do." I'm like wait let me look around there must be one around here somewhere. I "mysteriously" find one and bang her. My dick was cooperating nicely, and we bang for an hour and a half. I've never performed so well, I think the dynamic was just right , I was doing my thang, and I was pimpin it :) She was really cool and it was a fun time.

Just a side not she is SUPER religious, which didn't actually mean shit.

Here are the text convos leading up to the second meet up, i think they are really fuckin good and what helped make the lay so easy. 

Me: So are you like 400 lbs now :p

Me: cuz I've been seing A LOT of food snap chats hehe

Her: Its true I'm super fat

Me: its okay I guess

Me: if your fat in the right places (cool glasses emoji)

Her: it literally goes anywhere but my chest life hates me fr

Me: yah know

Me: I have the same problem

Me: but its really not that important (teeth clenched emoji)

Her: I know I think we're the same cup size

Her: haha how so

Me: (Send her an old picture of me in a bra while my buddy is giving me a kiss on the cheek lol)

Me: lol

Me:umm its never been a priority for me in terms of girls

Me: my brain just doesnt work like that :p

Her: im so glad that picture exists

Her: haha oh good lol

Me: Those push up bras really work!

Me: Like god damn do you have any I can borrow (kissy face emoji)

Her: They might be kinda small on you

Me: Well Ive been getting shredded lately so im skinny like a petite girl

Me: (oh my gosh face emoji)

Her: ok you might make it but itll be a tight squeeze no pun intended

Me: hehe

Me: well i kinda like not wearing ne actually its sexier like that

Her: you're a little promiscious wow

Me: yes very (devil emoji)

Me: Hey whats your schedule look like this week?

Her: Todays my day off and the rest of the week I have mornings free, and the weekend I have off I think

Me: Ive got morning free thursday and then I wont be home friday-sunday

Me: So we have one option : thursday

Me: Which is a pretty good day fo the week ;)

Her: thursday morning works!

Her: wow whats the face for whys it so special are you ovulating that day or something       <----- LOL

Me: LOL!

Me: I just wanted to make it seem more exciting than it really is because thursday mornings arent cool at all

Her: Well they will be now :)

Me: damn I like your attitude :p

Me: now we need to figure out exactly the plan

Me: I have a pool which is always fun

her: That IS fun

Me: yeah its gonna be beautiful out too so you have pretty much no choice but to drive here :)

Her: That is if my car is fixed by then

Me: whats wrong with it lol

Her: The battery and alternator or something it just keeps dying.And my moms cars brakes are questionable. So as of right now I have nothing to drive.

Me: Batteries and alternators are a quick fix

Me: and who needs brakes! just dont stop at red lights

Me: but we will figure something out hun no worries

Her: haha okay I trust you!

Me: Im going to work rn :(

Me: So i'll talk to yah wednesday and we canf igure things out :P

Her: okay :)


Me: You still down to go swimming tomorrow :)

Me: as long as you dont get oo blackout drunk tonight (devil emoji)

Her: haha im actually at work :(

Her: and I got called in for 7 in the morning tomorrow are you free friday morning?

Her: wait crap you said you wont be here friday

Her: If im working the 7 to 3 I have 3-11 off 

Me: :( your totally gonna miss out wile I get tan and sexy

Me: I work 3-9:30 so if you wanna come and visit me then that would work :)

Me: sometime after 9:30

Me: but I know you probbaly cant handle those late nights (teeth clenched emoji)

Her: wow meaaaaaan :p ahha yeah after 9:30 works!

Me: alright!

Me; im assuming your car is working? (crying laughing emoji)

Her: yes the resurrection occured today

Me: oh sweet! good to hear the lesbo mobile is in working order (cryng laughing emoji)

Me: So Julia ill text you tomorrow and give you my address n shit (kissy face emoji)

Her: HEY leave the loser cruiser alone its the best car around

Her: wow one step closer to being a pro stalker :p :)

Me: lol (kissy face emoji) thats exactly why im not giving it to you tonight

Me: I dont want you to have time to plan the kidnapping and google earth my house (crying laughing emoji)

Her: wow your giving me all kinds of ideas

Me: My address is (address)

Me: lets try not to have any car door incidents this time (crying laughing emoji)

Her: no promises :p

Her: what time?

Me: anytime after 9:30 :)

Me: just lemme know when your coming

Her: okay Ill probably leave around 9 so I would get there around 9:45

Her: is that okay?

Me: sounds good  :)

Her: okay whats the plan stan

Me: there are lots of local night life spots that are pooping such as the world famous mcdonalds :)

Me: lol dontchu worry I have a plan

Her: oh you do haha should I be worried :)

Me: nahhhhh :)

Her: now im nervous

Her: oh gosh I should probably leave in a couple minutes!

Me: lol no rush!

Her: leaving now! wont be a half an hour late this time

Me: better not be (cyring laughing emoji)

Her: im just over dressed because my parents took me for a birthday lunch after work and I didnt feel like changing

Her: but at least im not late as well!

Me: omg now im gonna severely under dress :)

Her: heeeey nooooo (crying emoji)

Me: defintely not wearing sleeves :)

Her: killing me

Her: It says Ill be there in like 15

Her: close

(then she says shes here and I come outside)

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Awesome good job. 

Awesome good job. 


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

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The big improvement I see in

The big improvement I see in your texting is you're not purposely stabbing a girl in the face with offensive texts. Just used "game" as a sprinkle here 'n there and kept it relaxed and fun. 


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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Looks really good man. I

Looks really good man. I would only say chill out with all the emojis but not a big deal.


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Cool write-up. Usualluy by

Cool write-up. Usualluy by the end bit I'm so pissed I can't remember enough of what exactly happens

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batehs wrote: Looks really

batehs wrote:
Looks really good man. I would only say chill out with all the emojis but not a big deal.

lol yes the emojis are a little forced but it helped remind me of the vibe I was trying to establish

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Awesome, congrats man.... Now

Awesome, congrats man.... Now they'll start coming much faster :D 

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BOOM!  Enjoyable read 


Enjoyable read 



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patrick.bateman wrote:
Awesome, congrats man.... Now they'll start coming much faster :D 

Hey Patrick,

Make more threads please.