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Interesting concept. I love this shit.

Basically he talks about how you should expect the girl to flake a few times before you can actually get her out on the date.

-Girls (hot ones) have a lot of guys asking them to do stuff. So when you ask a girl to do something, thats normal for her. But its necessary (for the sake of the process) to ask her out anyways. 
-Ask her out 2 and 3 times (basically, chode yourself out), EXPECT rejection (flaked, stood up, girl wants to reschedule the date).
-Then, give her the cold shoulder. Text her "All good"
-This is where the dynamic changes. Girl will sense that youve "moved on"
-It is essential you dont give her shit or get upset and butthurt for her not going out with you (Bateman had a post about this a couple weeks ago)

Alex cites a story where he was waiting for a girl to meet him and pretty much got stood up. Mentions that girls hate the "pressure" aspect of dates and will likely avoid it.
In his mind, he was thinking "Fuck you for standing me up, Im Alex the most experienced dating coach blah blah (lol)" but instead texts her "Hey btw its kind of rainy out, no big deal if you cant make it. Im starving, gonna go grab a bite to eat. All good"
She ends up responding 30 mins later "Where are you at"
He says "Grabbing a steak with a buddy in (area the girl lives in)"
Her: "Haha, why dont you get me a steak"
Him: "Because Im getting a steak with this other girl" (There is no other girl, he is by himself lol)

Then he says "Hey im going for a walk after dinner, Im coming by your place, whats the address?"
She texts him address. They go out, have an epic date. He mentions letting her talk, creating a comfortable environment for her. She ends up grabbing his face and saying "Alex, I really want you to take me to your place and fuck me" HA

Purpose: Expect rejection as part of the process. You will try to meet her a few times but she will flake you. When she flakes, say something along the lines of "All good, I might get my ex girlfriend to go, not the best chemistry, but at least I wont lose the reservation" (for the date)

Basically, demonstrate that you wont lose your shit when the situation goes wrong. Resist the urge to freak the fuck out

PSYCHOLOGY 101: People are more motivated by NOT losing something, rather than gaining something.

Its a beautiful thing, starting out as a chode in order to set up the dynamic of her chasing you. I almost want to shed a tear.

Video below:


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Oh nice this is basically

Oh nice this is basically showing disapproval without being butthurt and a lil bit of jealousy plotline.  Basically expecting her to flake and being ready with a response that gets her to chase you instead.

The rest of it's a bit cringey at times lol.  

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I'm a bit drunk, not sure if

I'm a bit drunk, not sure if this is relevant to the topic,

but what do you guys think of calling out girls when they ignore you? Like a couple of days ago i saw this chick that i almost laid once (we hanged a bit in my room, making out but she wouldnt take her clothes of)  and when i met her she kinda just walked past acting like the didn't see me. Met her today and she came and hugged me and i was like "yo i saw you a couple days ago and you didnt say hi lol" with a smirk on my face and she was like "nooo for real? im so sorry bl bla bla"

of course i wasn't butt hurt at all lol, i said it in a playful manner, is this good or should i just act like nothing in similar situations?

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Interesting...this is sort of

Interesting...this is sort of what I have a tendency to do naturally...