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Care sharing your morning/daily/nightly routines for an ultra productive day?

Found that there is a ton of shit you could do and its easy to get lost in all the noise. In your experiences, what are the MOST effective things you do that set you up for the day, going out and sleeping? 

Ex: Meditation, visualizations, to-do lists, looking at a goal sheet or vision board, affirmations, journaling..


1) Wake up, dental hygeine, quick cold shower, workout, hot shower, groom, done.

2) I sporadically visualize throughout the day about what income I want, lifestyle, person, physique etc. In the shower, in the car etc.

3) Before going out: Meditation, drills, music, being around my frands

3) Night time: Dental hygeine, journal about the day, craft a "get done" list for the next day, sleep

MIght be just me...but I've found crafting goals to be seriously overrated. Most of us set unrealistic expectations, thinking we'll be like Rocky Balboa and are gonna grind it out. We're just going down a path of inevitable let-down. Visions are SO much better, thinking about them when I have time, and crafting lists daily for activities that get me closer and closer towards that vision.

Setting a goal to hit something at a particular date breeds anxiety and impatience for me. However, I do set benchmarks with enough hedge that makes them realistic yet stil challenging. They're more like mini visions.

For example:

I've been learning partner dancing for sometime now. In the beginning, I set a vision for what I hoped to accomplish with that skillset. Then I set a month mark, and a 3mo mark of what moves I'd like to know or what level of comfort and awesomeness I want to instil in myself or a girl. It could be putting a huge smile on her face, impressing the shit out of everyone around me etc. etc.

Another thing with the benchmarks...for me, setting anything past a 6mo. mark is unrealistic. I first have to instil the habit of doing the action for 3mo. No point in setting myself up to fail that mark. Baby step it.

Last Thing:

If I do my tasks for the day, sleeping is no problem and I'm motivated to wake up the next day as well. 

Been using pinterest as a vision board. SO DOPE. GET ON THAT SHIT FELLAS.

It's a vision board you can carry with you anywhere and can pin stuff infinitely without wasting time or paper and ink. Oh...its free ya.

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Yo, that looks like a pretty

Yo, that looks like a pretty dope routine you have going. 

Mine is similar but ordered differently.

Morning: Wake up, Meditate for 10 mins, visualise for 5-10 mins about what I want to become, how I'm going to get it etc (I do this after meditation as I feel my mind is clearer and more receptive).

After Work: Gym (If its a workout day), MW drills

Before going out: Try to relax and recharge for 20-30 mins if I can, MW Drills, chill with my mate and get pumped up, hit the club

Night Time: 10-15 mins Mobility work for my strength training, Dental Hygeine, Shower, pray and gonna start doing some deep breathing meditation shit soon as I'm going to sleep.

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Dope thanks for sharing

Dope thanks for sharing Pat!

Ah that reminds me...i need to stretch more lol

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Mine's very similar

I have the morning/daily going but I don't have a night routine. I should work on that. I discovered this back in early January and its keep me on task to doing certain things that I should have been doing.

1. wake up handle the hygine.

2. I do an active meditation (do things while I listen to Tolle). Some times I combine one and two.

3. I do the drills.

I've tried adding more to my morning routine but they haven't stuck.

"Setting a goal to hit something at a particular date breeds anxiety and impatience for me. However, I do set benchmarks with enough hedge that makes them realistic yet stil challenging. They're more like mini visions."

I understand the feeling but I notice that goals in particular mini goals have helped me along the way. 

For instance I once set a goal for shaving 15 times before the end of a month and its helped my beard quite a bit. Definitely thicker and even though I have long ways to go I got me pretty excited with hitting the goal. :)

I need to implement more to my routines which includes a nightly one.

Also it does help doing the drills before going out.

Last thing I tried this several times and I proceeded to have great days:

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That's real good man thanks !

That's real good man thanks ! ^

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Aye where all you crust ass

Aye where all you crust ass mofos at. Let me cop a feel at ya dayZz

Read that success mindset post wooweee! That's real good. I've found that in my life also. Everything I could ever want is already inside me. Seeking for it anywhere else will yield you no benefit.

Be a chick magnet? You already are a chick magnet. Now go out there and prove it

Be healthy and ripped? You already are that sexy toned guy. Now go out there and workout, prove it.

etc. etc.

It does take some time of execution and meditating on these ideas to really seep into who you are so that shit is on autopilot, but if you start your day reminding yourself of these oh man does the day go by better. Oh and you actually do the day to day tasks that GET you the results.

As a byproduct you feel gratitude for doing it and believing in yourself. Like Tyler says "upward spiral".

And that all comes full circle with Tolle's teachings of being in the moment. If you're not accepting the reality that you are shit broke, fat and weak, and gay around're just running and running after something that can never be because it isn't in you to begin wth.

It's all a paradox its funny. You are sexy but you're also not sexy at the same time. Reconcile the two. Then throw it out the window and do the steps to get the goal. Then run outside your house to pick it up where it landed outside.

Great reminder thanks catch!