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SO this weekend evening and next weekend it's Halloween celebration here at UCSB. HUGE crowd last night, cops on every block and half of them on horses.... FORGET about booking it ha. I hear next weekend is going to be a riot, AEQUITAS GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!!!

I had a couple of girls in the afternoon blowing my phone asking me what i'm going to be. Did not know how to handle all of them at once, so I ignored most of them. Instead I responded to this girl who's not that great looking:
Ill get to that later.

I dressed as the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. Had a jar FULL of candy to lure girls (butterscotch, peppermint, and apple). Kudos to Manwhore lmfao "I'm luring girls with candy, which do you prefer" It was an unusual but LETHAL combo. I balled up and met up with AJ at a friend's house. Had a bunch of shots, unstifled, danced plenty and interacted with everyone in the apartment. We headed out just as I was about to pass out on the couch LOL. I saw my little red riding hood!!!! i howled and pounced on her ASAP, but her friend was being a HUGE cockblock when I tried #closing. AJ and I approached a bunch more on the street and people were trying to get their greedy hands in my candy jar ...fck off! Fast forward AJ and I are at a party where I see a a girl whom i used to work with at Abercrombie and Fitch. I then get hit on HARD by her gay male friend, it was ridiculous haha. POF chick texts me to see where im at, she's been nagging me all day telling me she wants to see my costume. My mystery texting was pretty neat ha.

I lose AJ and meet up with POF chick in front of the party. God Daaaaammmmmmmnnnnn..... She was bigger than I thought she would be. Not overwhelming at all, just too much for me :P
I decided I wasn't going to be picky and roll along with it. She and her FAT friend lure me to a party, she was running physical game on me the whole 15 mins walk to the place. I felt I was going to get laid, it does not matter what happens, however my imagination and experience proved to be limited. The party was garbage imo, everyone was straight up chodey and nerdy, just not my scene at all lol. AT one point I saw POF chick get macked on by the owner of the place. He was dressed up in a retarded penguin suit, wanted to light the mofo on fire HA! Needless to say i got turned off so i texted Aj to see where he's at. Some chick I met last week texts me. I called her 2 nights ago, left her a VM basically saying she hasn't been answering my texts, if it was worth even keeping her on my phone. She was apologizing for not responding to my texts cuz she lost her phone at some concert and "miraculously" found it.... BS. Later she asks where i'm at but I ignore.

I meet up with AJ and i find myself handing out butterscotch candy, the girls LOVE it. Got a couple of make-outs from being like "yeah it's good? Let me see.." BOOM make-out, it was absolutely retarded. What I was learning to do here though was being the 1st to break out from make-outs, being in charge of the escalation. I just tend to place a lot of value on it and I want to keep on slobbering for minutes.

Fast forward AJ and I somehow ended up (blame it on the alcohol) back at my ex-coworker's place. AJ was engaging 2 tight girls with big boobies. They were at least 7.5s. I came in, ended up talking to HBbrownhair. She hooked onto me pretty fast actually, don't know what I did. We talked about getting food, vibed off that on our way to the eating spot. She was holding my hand and my elbow, made out with her doing the butterscotch candy routine and broke it up fast.

We got us some fat ass nachos with everything on it! Us 4 were engaging having a good time, even with AJ running asshole game on his girl and my girl. The girls started firing back lol, I'm not going to go into detail, but i somehow managed to take charge of the situation. It was to the point where I surprisingly ended up protecting AJ and reprimanding the girls. Was weird how it happened but I looked good there. Eventually HBbrownhair and I had a conversation to ourselves while AJ was working on his girl. I was doing kino here and there, making her laugh and blush HARD lol. At one point she tried to get me to go get her water, in my head i'm like "FUCK NO" So i got up, grabbed her hand and said "let's go"... Plus i presumed she would feel better about getting another make-out away from her friend; make-out did not happen, nor did I attempt one. 10 mins later she wanted more water, she stood up and said "let's go" 0.o.... LOL.

Aj then decided he was going to go to bed, leaving me to handle these two (his girl has a bf lol). As I walk the girls back, mine is kinoing me, the other texting her bf. We got back to the place and my ex-coworker got out of her room. We talked for 5 mins, the girls left except for mine. She started taking off her boots on the living room couch, it escalated from me helping her to fucking her FAST. I ate pussy for the 1st time in my life! yay.... we fucked for a solid 20 mins, tossed her around like a cub. Just when I was going to have her ride me, we heard the door at the entrance click and pretended we were asleep LOL. She was laying next to me, she pulled her dress down to cover her bootie then she had her knee up to cover my dick which was sticking out of my shorts. Ha she's good! Anyways after 5 mins i tried to work her again but she was like "I have to go to sleep", we made out for another 5 mins, I # closed her and bounced.

I think her state was ruined by that somebody walking through the room and I did not comfort her at all after that :P
There was a problem while we were fucking though, and I think it was the alcohol. My dick stayed at like 3-4 inches. That was really annoying because i I slipped like 7 times and couldn't go deep enough lol. Good night though, I honestly did not think I was going to get laid.
I feel it was one of those nights where I feel like I am the prize and the girl is glad to finally get me, good shit.

P.S the girls are leaving tomorrow for the bay area T.T
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Re: My First SNL
@Ghettoguru: lol my buddy is up there. Imma read his post. Imma ask my roommate if he wants to drive up tonight for the epicness that is halloween at iv. Pm me your number in the mean time as i enjoy this read.

Edit: alright read it. Lolol gangster as fuck with the candy. Yo, honestly ive had it where i didnt do SHIT with the girl. Like i pulled all the way to my bedroom w/o a make out due to sometimes improper escalation or sometimes them not being down and yo i shit you not - once the boots came off i just KNEW that it was on and then shit would go down. But ya im gonna try to go up. I wanna go to iv. Sluts!
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Re: My First SNL
I won't lie, i was scared AF. I'd be hearing small noises, stop what i'm doing, raise my head and scope around like a fucking deer. The girl would just pull me back down asap begging to be fucked. It was a house with like 4+ rooms down a long hallway with 2 bathrooms. Anybody could have came out and now that I think about it, her friend probably knew it was going to go down. She never came back to the living room to bother us.

Yeah i'll send you my digits but i'm currently having trouble with my phone. I'll PM you the number as soon as i get this resolved!
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Bruh if they come out when ye

Bruh if they come out when ye is fuckin'.. that's their problem. ;) 


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